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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Busy month

The last month has been very busy. With a birthday and Mother's Day every weekend in May, it was hard to keep up. But I made it through...

I just got through the Mississauga Heritage Garage Sale last weekend, which was long. I arrived at The Grange at 5:50am and left at around 5:00pm. As I said, long...

Sunday, I taught a class with my Mom assisting on Basic Crochet. It was a three hour class held at Mississauga Heritage. I think it was a success as we talked about having another class in July.

I have recently been moved to the Sales Department. Although the desk has changed and I rarely do accounting functions, everything else is pretty much the same. I still do travel arrangements, print liaison, filing, phones, couriers, etc. The only thing is now I don't have twenty things to do at once, I have one maybe two. I think I am going crazy with boredom.

Ah well, lunchtime... be back later.


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