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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Awards and Fun

I received an award last week from Heritage Mississauga for my volunteer work - Special Recognition Award. Very scary. I didn't think I would have to give a speech so I prepared nothing and I ended up giving a speech. I froze at the podium, forgot to breath and then as soon as I sat down, breathed again. I almost cried at the podium as well. Oh well, Mom said I looked like I was in pain and she thought I was going to hit the Executive Director instead of hug her. Most of the people there were over 80 years old, so it was a little intimidating, but as I said there, if I didn't have fun I wouldn't do it.
I was also at Square One Shopping Mall the weekend before dressed in an 1812 Jane Austen style dress walking through the mall as part of the Heritage Showcase. Now, that was fun. There's nothing funnier than having a teenager walk up and ask if that was what I wear everyday :)
I am almost finished my first circular knitting needles sweater. It's in baby yarn - pastel - and it's so easy, I couldn't believe when I finished the body of the sweater in less than two weeks. I am taking a little longer on the sleeves because I'm not sure that they're right. I guess I'll know when they're done, but it's still going pretty good.
I have also been making dishcloths for the last couple of nights. It goes really quickly and I am using up quite of bit of cotton.
I read the most amazing book by Karen Fenech the other weekend. I had it finished in just over a day. It's a medieval romance called Betrayal and it is fabulous. If you get the chance to read it, definitely pick it up.
Oh, well, back to work. So much to do, so little time - especially when it's not work related :)


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