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Thursday, March 01, 2007

March in like a Lion

First day of March and she's coming in fast and fierce. Nice ice storm to start off the month. The city has been so beautiful in a coat of white, adding ice might not be such a good thing from a driving standpoint, but since the gas shortage has put a stop on a lot of long distance travel, timing could have been worse.

I have finished 8 dishcloths in the last 3 days. I thought I would take a break from the sweater since I was getting bored with the sleeve. When I get bored, it takes me three times as long to finish a project. Last night was a good sign it was time to change projects again though because it took me all night to make one dishcloth.

It looks like I'm going to need to make a comfortghan in the next few weeks though. I'm sorry to say that a friend's brother is very ill. The important thing is to keep him in our prayers and wish the best for him. I know it must be very hard on the family.

I have had to cancel my weekend away this weekend because of the gas shortage. As frustrating as it is, I can't afford to be 200 km out of Mississauga and run out of gas, so the weekend had to be cancelled.

Oh, well, there's always next month. Well, back to work - what little there is. Eventually I will have lots to do. Hopefully ...


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