Grow your crochet with Rose

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Spring

This year has started out very busy. Even with the economic situation as it is, the creative urges still come as strong as ever. New on is a design by Violet Langley of a Tunisian baby blanket for a little boy. Coming shortly will be the pattern for the Tunisian baby blanket for a little girl.

In April, Mom and I attended and taught at the Spring CreativFestival. It was a busy event. There were a number of vendors missing from previous years, but you can’t keep creative people down. There were also less people on Saturday due to the Knitters’ Frolic being scheduled for the same day. It was unfortunate scheduling however, those who attended the festival were in good spirits. Our Tunisian crochet classes had good numbers and the students were enthusiastic. In the “A Needle Pulling Thread” booth, it was quite busy, with a number of people stopping in to see the various designers. June Gilbank of PlanetJune was at the opposite end of the booth. June did a class on crocheting Amigurumi animals and also on crocheting a decorative rose. Mom and my brother took the class on crocheting a decorative rose and both enjoyed the class immensely.

I will be continuing to work on some new patterns throughout the summer and will add them to as they become available.

Happy Spring and crochet away!