Grow your crochet with Rose

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hot Summer Days, Cold Summer Nights ... or Not

Hot summer days, cold summer nights… not really. The past few weeks, it’s been hot summer days and hot summer nights. So how can you crochet in this kind of weather? Well, start by pulling out the thread work. Set aside your yarn or wool projects, because chances are you’re not going to work on them anyway.
You say you have to get this project completed? It’s really important, and you’re on a deadline? Well, find yourself an air conditioned area that will let you kick back and work on your project.
What thread projects are in the works? Well, you could be starting on the Christmas ornaments. Or what about that doily or table cloth you started but haven’t quite gotten around to finishing? Are you a fan of filet crochet? How about the baby outfits that you started, but never finished. Now is as good a time as any to complete that project.
Perhaps you’d like to start planning ahead for your fall projects. Keep in mind that Mary Maxim has their tent sale starting August 20th and going right through to Labour Day weekend. That’s one sale you wouldn’t want to miss.
If you don’t feel like crocheting or knitting, why not pull out your cross stitch or embroidery project? The summer is a wonderful time to work on “Works in process” and it’s not the best time to work on wool or yarn projects.
I have to finish a yarn project for the Fall CreativFestival. But it’s almost complete now. The good thing is even in hot weather, I am usually cold, so unless it’s very humid, I can still work on my yarn projects. I have finished the first half of the project, but I still have the second half to complete and I may end up ripping part of it out and redoing it if the finished project isn’t what I envisioned. I should know in a few days.
Now is the time to get as much done as you can, because when the fall comes, it’s going to get hectic with all the shows and festivals and school starting and groups getting back together to start a new year.
Enjoy the rest of your summer. It’s gonna get busy.